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Features Of Pathology Lab Software
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Unlock financial success with our Finance Management solutions. From budgeting to investment tracking, Take control of your finances effortlessly with our user-friendly software.

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Patient Registration
& Billing

Simplify patient registration & billing tasks with our user-friendly software. Handle all aspects of patient management effortlessly. Experience efficiency & accuracy in healthcare admin like never before.

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Lab Report

Experience seamless lab report management with Dorays advanced software solution. Unlock productivity and precision for your lab operations.

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B2B & Referral

Boost your business with our B2B & Referral Management software! Streamline partnerships, track referrals, and enhance collaborations for greater efficiency and growth.

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Operations & Report
Activity Tracking

Monitor operations and report activities in real-time with our pathology lab software, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every step.

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User And Account

Easily manage user accounts and access with our friendly software, designed to make your lab operations smoother and more secure.

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Send Report

Send reports online with our Pathology Lab Software. Enhance efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction with quick, secure digital report delivery.

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Compatibility with
Machine Interfacing

Ensure seamless operations with our Pathology Lab Software's compatibility with machine interfacing. Integrate effortlessly with lab equipment for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

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Flexibility to Manage
Multi Location Center

Simplify your multi-location management with our user-friendly software. Stay organized, coordinated, and in control across all your centers.

Experience Exclusive Customer Support with DoraysLab

Our dedicated team of technical experts is available throughout the week to assist you with feature updates, set-up, configuration, and any other technical inquiries you may have. Rest assured, we're here to ensure a seamless experience for you every step of the way.

Custmer Support - Dorays
Benefits with DoraysLab Pathology Software

Experience the comprehensive benefits of our Cloud-based Diagnostic Lab Software. Enjoy multi-location access, user-friendly navigation, real-time snapshots of lab orders and statuses, and fully customizable reporting. Unlock the power of scalability with DoraysLab.

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24/7 Technical Support
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Product Training By Experts
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Instrument Integration
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Multiple Reporting Templates
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Automatic Product Upgrade
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Automatic Cloud-Based Backups
Next-Gen Pathology Lab Software

The Days pathology report software can be accessed on any web browser, across any device, at any time with a high-speed internet connection.

DoraysLab – Web-Based Pathology Lab Management Software Application

Specialized in streamlining and automating all online and offline laboratory workflow and clinical reporting, the Dorays pathology lab software makes sure you can maximize your revenue, monitor operations, and deliver the best administration with heightened data security in your healthcare business. DoraysLab's best pathology software centralizes the whole database and different modules of diagnostic centers, pathology and radiology labs, hospitals, and clinics in a single interface. It reduces manual entries and clerical errors by automating report generation and making it real-time.

The Days pathology report software can be accessed on any web browser, across any device, at any time with a high-speed internet connection. Being a web-based application, installation and configuration are seamless and simple. Regardless of the size of your diagnostic center/ lab, Dorays Lab Management Software can scale up and down and is more than efficient in improving patient experience and reducing TAT.


We design our products in such a way that makes software purchase decisions forour customers more value based than traditional software companies.

pathology lab software

DoraysLab offers pathology lab software and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to streamline lab operations and improve data management.

You can request a free demo through the website and start a trial to evaluate the software's features and suitability for your lab.

Yes, DoraysLab LIMS Software includes interfacing capabilities for various lab instruments, ensuring seamless data integration.

DoraysLab provides comprehensive training sessions for new users to ensure they are comfortable and proficient with the software.

DoraysLab regularly updates its software to include new features, improvements, and security enhancements. Users are notified about updates in advance.

Dorayslab provides a 5-day free trial of the software, enabling labs to discover its features and assess its suitability for their requirements prior to making a purchase."

Yes, DoraysLab is a comprehensive online software solution. It provides the convenience of cloud-based access, enabling labs to securely access their data from any location, at any time.

Yes, DoraysLab offers customization options for reports. You can personalize the reports to align with your lab's branding and specific requirements, ensuring a professional and tailored presentation of information for patients.

DoraysLab operates on a cloud-based platform, streamlining patient registration, automating lab analysis, and generating QR-coded reports for convenient access and sharing. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp for communication and provides financial analysis functionalities.

No, you can effortlessly use this software on any browser you prefer.

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